Lucky Bead

The Lucky Bead combines creativity with development to find unique solutions to unique problems.

Creative Development

The Knight

At Lucky Bead Consulting, we understand that the rapid pace of new technology is difficult to keep up with, but we also know that an effective implementation of new technologies can bring great rewards to those who risk such an endeavour.

We exist to take on these endeavours with you. With our experience and knowledge of new technologies and their implementation, we will take your small to medium-sized business or organization into the next decade of online technology.

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Current Associates

Lucky Bead Consulting contracts information workers from around the world in order to effectively solve your problem. We focus on contracting local, Canadian individuals, but we may contract our work to non-Canadians as well if necessary.

Faris Chebib

Faris Chebib is the Lead Consultant for Lucky Bead Consulting. With extensive experience in software and a degree in cognitive science, he utilizes his knowledge to help shape the fabric of the web. A self-proclaimed generalist, Faris is able to apply knowledge from other specialties in meaningful ways. For example, in the creation of the Lucky Bead Consulting logo, Faris utilized phi to create æsthetic curves.

Faris is a Canadian citizen who led canoe trips for the YMCA’s Camp Stephens in Manitoba. He currently resides in Burnaby, and is working on a number of local technology projects, including, an online resource teaching technology to novice users.